Today we are going to be talking about the North American Elk or Wapiti

The elk is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, in the world. The animal should not be confused with the still larger moose, to which the name applies in British English and in reference to populations in Eurasia. Elk lie in forest and forest-edge habitat, and feed on grasses, leaves, plants, and bark. Male elk have huge antlers which shed every year, ranging to 5 to 6 feet a year. Although they're native to North America and eastern Asia, they have adapted well to countries in which they have been introduced which include, Argentina and New Zealand. Their great adaptability threaten endemic species and ecosystems into which they have been introduced. The male elk have high-pitched bugling calls, heard during its autumn mating season. Females and calves emit a high-pitches squeal when in danger and females make barking sounds when in danger.

Phylum Class Order Family
Vertebrata Mammalia Artiodactyla Cervidae

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